Professional Services

JMJ proudly offers the following professional services to our Namibian clients.

Dedicated Support Desk


Our dedicated support desk provides a single point of contact between JMJ and our customers, at no additional cost.

The main purpose of our support desk is to ensure that our customers receive appropriate help in a timely manner and we monitor same through regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys that are sent to ensure we are meeting customer service expectations.

We have invested in safe and trusted remote support tools (TeamViewer, AnyDesk & MS Teams) to ensure interactive and efficient support and all communications are recorded for full record keeping and reporting.

Our support team continuously monitors all incoming support request (telephone and/or e-mail) and escalates elaborate queries to senior staff to ensure all customer enquiries are attended to as soon as possible.

Monthly Payroll Outsourcing and Processing


Why organizations outsource their payroll

  • Audit Regulation Compliance - Segregation of duties

  • Legislative Compliance

  • Confidentiality of Data

  • Risk Management

  • Accuracy and Increased Efficiency

What we offer

  • Processing of all earnings, deductions, company contributions and fringe benefits

  • Processing of leave transactions

  • Supply of monthly legislation reports and submission files e.g. PAYE, SSC & VET levy

  • Annual PAYE5 reconciliation and certificate printing

  • Monthly Electronic Bank Transfer File

  • Monthly General Ledger Interface file

  • Payslips

  • Monthly Management Report Pack

Product Specific Training


Our Learning Services will assist you in gaining expertise, using a variety of solutions that automate manual and time consuming business processes.


Our expert trainers deep dive into our software, providing you with the know how to use the product to its full potential. From Accounting, to Payroll & HR, to Intelligence Reporting, and more, we offer all you need.

Our classroom, on-site, virtual, or anytime learning makes it easy and convenient for anyone to get the deserved recognition for the knowledge gained. Contact us for more about the following courses we offer:

•    Accounting: Sage Business Cloud Accounting, Sage 200 Evolution Accounting and

Sage 300cloud Accounting

•    Payroll and HR: Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional, Sage VIP Premier and Sage 300 People

Payroll Auditing and Risk Assessment


Our certified consultants can assist with general as well as in-depth evaluations of your payroll systems.


Payroll auditing includes but is not limited to a comprehensive review of:

  • Backup procedures

  • Folder and File Maintenance

  • Legislative compliance

  • Licensed modules, Implementation and Utilization of same

  • Monthly Reports and Audit Checks

  • Processing procedures and Identifying Potential Automation

  • Users and Access Control

Business Process Mapping and Redesign


Our Business Analysis approach include comprehensive objectives related to the specific requirements of each business, stakeholder and/or system.


We assist with any of the following;


  • Business Needs Analysis

  • Stakeholders Requirements Analysis

  • System Requirements Analysis

  • Requirements Analysis Documentation

  • Solution Identification and Documentation

  • Solution Design - Proof of Concept

  • Processes and Procedures Redesign and Implementation

  • Solution Implementation and Measurement 

Sage Payslip Stationary


Ready-to-use, confidential payslips are a must for every payroll and HR products user.


It provides time saving and convenience for the Payroll Administrator / Human Resource Manager, as well as a professional image and cost savings for the company and a measure of security and authenticity for employees who often need to present payslips as proof of earnings to financial institutions.


Our payslips come with a security seal which ensures confidential communication of salary information, increase letters or any other confidential documentation.

Software Implementation and Customization

JMJ's software implementation and customization approach is based on the complexity of the business as well as the requirements from each product we support. From identifying the customer's needs, setting up and testing the required systems, to history data take-ons and assistance with the first pay run, we can assist with simple and complex setups alike. Our services include but are not limited to;

Basic setup

  • Customer Information Discussion to obtain system setup & customization requirements

  • Setup of the system and testing using predefined setup documentation and checklists

  • Data Take-on and reconciliation if applicable

  • Confirm all setups and data take-on information with the customer

  • Generate a System Setup Report detailing all setups, customization and take-on information

  • System Setup Report sign-off  by the customer

  • Parallel and/or Live Run assistance if required by the customer

  • Follow-up call after first pay run to identify any additional requirements

  • Management verification of System Setup Report and back-up for quality control purposes


Complex setup

  • Project Management Phases to apply – the level of application will be determined by the Sales Agreement and will be discussed and agreed with the customer upfront

  • Needs Analysis to obtain system configuration & customization requirements with sign-off by the customer and management

  • System Configuration and testing using predefined setup documentation and checklists

  • Data Take-on and reconciliation

  • Quality Control – Management review of system configuration and Data Take-on

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Final System configuration 

  • Parallel and/or Live Run Assistance

  • Project Closure and sign-off

  • At various stages of the project - Generate applicable Project Documentation and sign-off by the customer

  • Follow-up call after first pay run to identify any additional requirements